350 Madison Climate Action Team

Tar Sands Campaign

Stop Tar Sands Expansion in Wisconsin! Most people have heard of the Keystone XL pipeline and the threat it would have posed to the climate and the environment. Much less well known is the fact that the world’s largest pipeline carries toxic tar sands oil right through Wisconsin, including Dane County. 350 Madison invites you to join the fight against tar sands expansion in Wisconsin!

Divestment Campaign

The 350 Madison Divestment Campaign is part of an international movement pressing universities and colleges (including UW–Madison), local governments, religious organizations, other institutions to sell off fossil fuel assets and invest in cleaner alternatives. If it's wrong to wreck the planet, then it's wrong to profit from that wreckage! Join us—sign our petition urging UW to divest!

Local Energy Action

The Local Energy Action Team works to move the Madison area off fossil fuels by reducing energy use and moving to 100% renewable energy. The team pushes MGE to get off coal and other fossil fuels, supports 100% clean energy for our communities. promotes clean transit options that serve everyone, helps 350 Madison members reduce their carbon footprint, and advocates for energy equity.

Spring Updates From Our Children’s Trust

In December, we published a post on the effort to persuade then-President Obama to settle Juliana v. United States in the waning days of his presidency. This lawsuit—filed in 2015 by 21 young plaintiffs ages 8–19, joined by Dr. James Hansen—claims the federal government has violated the young plaintiffs’ “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and (More...)

Settle the Children’s Climate Lawsuit!

It’s obvious that Donald Trump will be a disaster for our movement for a livable climate. But what if there were a way to tie his hands? Well, there is! We learned of it in mid-December and have been moving quickly to put together a social media campaign to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. (More...)

What’s Next for Standing Rock?

For several years, 350 Madison and our allies have been fighting Enbridge’s plan to use Wisconsin as a tar sands superhighway bringing dirty oil from Alberta through the Midwest, to be refined and then exported from Texas ports to Europe. So it goes without saying that we’ve supported the Standing Rock resistance to the Dakota (More...)

Enbridge Pursues Its Case Against Dane County with New Representation from Governor Walker’s “Fixer”

In the fight over whether Enbridge—the $42 billion Canadian pipeline company—should be allowed to triple the capacity of its tar sands pipeline through Dane County without cleanup insurance, the county has been joined by landowners living adjacent to the pipeline and 350 Madison. They contend that taxpayers have a right to be protected from future (More...)

Tar Sands

Barn Raisings, Not Lifeboats — By Peter Anderson

I know that most of our conversations dwell on technical analyses of the greenhouse effect, organizing drives to stop one pipeline or another, and legislative campaigns to put a real price on carbon. And all that is vital. It really is. But if we’re searching for the missing link needed to get us to a (More...)

Enbridge Appeal to Dane Co. Board 12/3/15: Full Transcript

December 3, 2015, was a landmark day in the fight against the Enbridge tar sands invasion in Wisconsin. That evening, the Dane County Board of Supervisors voted 27-2 to reject Enbridge’s appeal of the Zoning and Land Regulation’s insurance requirement. It was a courageous stand by the Board, urged on by 350 Madison and allies. Among those offering (More...)

Break Free Midwest — May 15, 2016

  The struggle is long; the challenges, formidable. Get inspired by checking out Marilee Sushoreba’s wonderful photographic and narrative account of the May 15 Break Free Midwest action! (More...)

WI Dems Vote to Oppose Line 66 / Bakken Oil Transport!

Exciting news! At its convention this past weekend, the Democratic Party adopted resolutions opposing: Enbridge’s planned Line 66; and The transportation of Bakken shale oil through Wisconsin by EITHER pipeline or rail. Kudos to Kaja Rebane and others who worked to make this happen! Here’s the text of the two resolutions: (More...)

Tar Sands

Break Free Midwest: My Experience — By Judy Skog

On May 15, 350 Madison took part in Break Free Midwest in Whiting, Indiana, home to the world’s largest BP oil refinery. The event was one of a series of actions taking place around the world to demand that fossil fuels remain in the ground. I had planned to risk arrest, but in consultation with (More...)

Tar Sands

Great Couple of Weeks for Tar Sands Resistance in WI—By Elizabeth Ward

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for 350 Madison and friends, gaining great momentum to stop the increased threats of tar sands pipelines through Wisconsin. If we keep this up, we may never sleep, but there certainly will NOT be more tar sands pipelines in Wisconsin! Wisconsin Tar Sands Resistance Tour: Last week, Cassie Steiner (More...)

Tar Sands