To change everything, it takes everyone!

We’d love to have you join us in fighting for a livable planet! It will take every one of us, and there’s an important role to play, whatever your skills and interests.

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Below is a list of current volunteer needs for each of 350 Madison’s teams. Campaign teams work on specific core advocacy goals; operations teams support the campaigns. See something you’d be good at or something you’d like to learn how to do? Fill out the Get Involved! form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how you can best contribute.

Campaign Teams


The Divestment Team presses private and public organizations to divest from fossil fuel assets and invest in clean and sustainable energy alternatives, with a current focus on divestment from pipeline projects such as Dakota Access and Enbridge’s Lines 61 and 66.

Contact: Karen Pope,

Local Energy Action

The Local Energy Action Team works to move the Madison area off fossil fuels by reducing energy use and moving to 100% renewable energy. The team pushes MGE to get off coal and other fossil fuels, supports 100% clean energy for our communities. promotes clean transit options that serve everyone, helps 350 Madison members reduce their carbon footprint, and advocates for energy equity.

Contact: Don Ferber,

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Team responds to requests for immediate action by planning and implementing rallies, public forums, phone banks, etc. The team both initiates its own actions and supports actions initiated by the other campaigns.

Contact: Nick Berigan,

Tar Sands

The Tar Sands Team works to block final expansion of Enbridge’s Line 61 and construction of new Line 66. The team’s efforts currently include organizing landowners along the pipeline corridor, reaching out to Wisconsin tribes, blocking Enbridge’s exercise of eminent domain, and blocking or delaying Enbridge permits. The team needs people to help organize events, find Enbridge stories in Wisconsin newspapers and industry publications, help with bookkeeping, respond to inquiries about campaign activities, write letters to the editor, and participate in “work parties” (data entry, envelope stuffing, etc.—pizza provided!).

Contact: Mary Beth Elliott,

Operations Teams

Communication Action

The Communication Action Team (CAT) provides communication support to the campaigns. CAT services encompass website and social media, press releases, letters to the editor and op-eds, radio spots, email blasts, and photography and video. CAT especially needs new members with expertise in video and graphics arts.

Contact: Janette Rosenbaum,


The Fundraising Team devises and implements strategies for meeting annual fundraising goals through special events, grant writing, crowd funding, donor drives, and merchandise development and sales.

Contact: Seth Jensen,

Monthly Meetings

The Monthly Meetings Team plans and implements 350 Madison’s monthly public meetings by identifying speakers, coordinating announcements and agenda, and handling setup and break-down. The team especially need new members with experience operating AV equipment.

Contact: Julia Isaacs,


The Outreach Team coordinates and implements outreach for 350 Madison overall and for the campaigns through committees such as Speakers Bureau, Tabling, and New Member Welcome.

Contact: Nick Berigan,


Thank you for your interest—and for everything you do!