Julia Isaacs mJulia Isaacsoved to Madison in 2009 and joined 350 Madison in January 2012. Though new to environmental activism, she brings a long career in public policy and a life-long interest in improving opportunities for low-income children and families. Her leading to take action  on climate change is rooted in her Quaker faith and her understanding of how God is calling us to act in the world.




Beth Esser joined 350Madison in the Fall of 2013 after learning about Bill McKibben and his terrifying new math. With a B.A. in social work, concerns over climate change and environmental injustice are a natural part of her concern for a healthy & just world to live in. Her primary motivation for becoming a climate change activist however, comes from the love felt for her two young children whom she hopes will have a healthy and beautiful planet to live on.


Tar Sands Campaign

Stop Tar Sands Expansion in Wisconsin! Most people have heard of the Keystone XL pipeline and the threat it would have posed to the climate and the environment. Much less well known is the fact that the world’s largest pipeline carries toxic tar sands oil right through Wisconsin, including Dane County. 350 Madison invites you to join the fight against tar sands expansion in Wisconsin!

Divestment Campaign

The 350 Madison Divestment Campaign is part of an international movement pressing universities and colleges (including UW–Madison), local governments, religious organizations, other institutions to sell off fossil fuel assets and invest in cleaner alternatives. If it's wrong to wreck the planet, then it's wrong to profit from that wreckage! Join us—sign our petition urging UW to divest!

Local Energy Action

The Local Energy Action Team works to move the Madison area off fossil fuels by reducing energy use and moving to 100% renewable energy. The team pushes MGE to get off coal and other fossil fuels, supports 100% clean energy for our communities. promotes clean transit options that serve everyone, helps 350 Madison members reduce their carbon footprint, and advocates for energy equity.