Photo: Mark Borchardt

Photo: Mark Borchardt



Oral Argument Before the WI Court of Appeals
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Supreme Court Hearing Room, State Capitol, Madison

Two lawsuits involving Enbridge Energy represent the latest development in Dane County’s standoff with the $130 billion Canadian pipeline company over its expansion plans.

350 Madison won a significant victory in April 2015 when the Dane County Zoning and Land Regulation Committee required that Enbridge obtain spill cleanup insurance. Dane County imposed the requirement as a condition of approving Enbridge’s Waterloo pump station, which is part of the company’s plan to triple the volume of tar sands oil flowing through Line 61. At full capacity, the pipeline would carry 1.2 million barrels per day through the state, 45% more than the Keystone XL.

Enbridge v. Dane County concerns Enbridge’s demand that Dane County remove the insurance requirement from the pump station permit on the basis that it was invalidated by a state budget provision adopted as part of the 2015–17 state budget. The county has refused to comply, arguing that the insurance requirement was legally required before the county could issue a conditional use permit that balanced the company’s interests with the county’s—that is, without the insurance requirement, the permit could not have been granted at all.

In Campbell v. Enbridge, seven landowners with property adjacent to the pump station assert that even if the state budget provision, apparently inserted at Enbridge’s behest, barred the county from enforcing the insurance requirement, it did not similarly bar enforcement by affected landowners. They further argue that the budget provision is not retroactive. They ask the court to enjoin Enbridge from opening its expanded pump station unless it purchases the cleanup insurance demanded by the county zoning committee.

The landowner lawsuit was originally assigned to Judge Richard Niess, but he consolidated it with Enbridge’s case before Judge Peter C. Anderson (no relation to 350 Madison’s Peter Anderson) because of numerous overlapping issues.

Latest Developments in the Case

The dispute was before Judge Anderson in Dane County Circuit Court on September 27, 2016, when Enbridge brought in as its new lawyer Governor Walker’s “fixer,” Atty. Eric McLeod, most well known for representing without charge Justice Gableman against ethics charges.

Judge Anderson ruled that Enbridge did not have to comply with Dane County’s insurance condition because some unknown entity secured a budget rider in the 2015 budget (Wis. Stat. § 59.70(25)) to override local zoning in limited circumstances applicable solely to Enbridge’s dispute with the county. He ruled that the insurance condition should be removed from the company’s permit. 350 Madison’s attorneys, Thomas Burney and Patricia Hammel, believe that Judge Anderson based his ruling on two incorrect facts and that Enbridge does not even qualify for the budget rider.

350 Madison’s Peter Anderson said these questions are being pursued in court: “We have filed extensive briefs to convince the Court of Appeals that dirty backroom dealings—in which Governor Walker has engaged in ‘pay to play,’ granting corporate bailouts by means of budget riders—have to stop if we are to retain the substance and not just the form of democratic government.” In the end, 350’s Anderson noted, “it took the federal courts to hold that the lead paint manufacturers could not take advantage of the corrupt $750,000 get-out-of-jail budget rider from Governor Walker, and we hope the courts will reach the corresponding conclusion regarding Enbridge.”

“By bringing Atty. McLeod into its legal fight to ensure that taxpayers are left paying the tab for its future disasters,” 350’s Anderson said, “Enbridge is sending the people of Dane County the message that it intends to turn the political screws on anyone who stands in its way.” Reflecting on the victory by First Nation tribes against Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, 350’s Anderson predicted: “Those Canadian oil barons are going to find that Dane County has been inspired to give their company the same reception here.”

Briefing before the Court of Appeals was completed in mid-May. Oral argument is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2018, in the Supreme Court Hearing Room at the State Capitol in Madison. COME ON OUT AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Essential Sources

Listed below are technical documents related to the litigation,
news articles, blog posts, and background sources. Sources
are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

Technical Documents

Technical documents are listed by caseEnbridge v. Dane County, brought by Enbridge, and Campbell v. Enbridge, brought by adversely affected landownersfollowed by supplementary documents.

Enbridge v. Dane County

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Campbell v. Enbridge

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Other Technical Documents

Section 10.255(2)(h) of the Dane County Ordinances (setting standards for issuing a conditional use permit)

Report by Insurance Expert David Dybdahl to Zoning and Land Regulation Committee  (4/8/15)

News Articles

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350 Madison Blog Posts

Enbridge Pursues Its Case Against Dane County with New Representation from Governor Walker’s “Fixer” (9/27/16)

Enbridge Appeal to Dane Co. Board 12/3/15: Full Transcript (6/9/16)

Landowner Lawsuit Still Alive! (4/13/16)

Update on Landowner Lawsuit (3/30/16)

Landowners File Suit Against Enbridge to Force Imposition of Insurance Requirement Before Expanding Pipeline Flow (2/9/16)

Dane County Bd. of Supervisors Rejects Enbridge Appeal 27-2 (12/3/15)

Update on Enbridge Pipeline Expansion (9/30/15)

Update on WI Tar Sands Struggle (9/10/15)

Enbridge Appeals Zoning Committee Requirement for Specific Environmental Cleanup Insurance (5/5/15)

Additional Sources

Press releases can be found here; a comprehensive news archive, here; and general background, including a film and webinar, here.



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