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350 Madison Blog

Vote Early and Get out the Vote Often!

Elections have consequences. For a livable climate and a sustainable world for us all, regardless of party, we must elect leaders willing to lead toward solving the climate crisis, now more than ever.

Rebuilding Healthy Ecosystems after Environmental Tragedies

We’re all connected to the fires in California. As California recovers and rebuilds, what can we do to nourish ourselves in ways that dignify our farmworkers and the places they grow and gather our food? However we decide to respond, one thing is certain: We’ll need clean water and healthy ecosystems.

Don’t Let Fires of Cynicism Destroy Hope or Democracy

Remember that while the role of humans in the litany of problems we confront tempts us to cynicism, cynicism is obedience. Such obedience acquiesces to an unjust status quo that will be all too happy to see us give up. We can’t. With hope, a better future is possible. Together, with diligent democratic action, we can help turn the possible into the real and current problems into history.