Thank you for your interest in increasing your donation!

The system we use to process recurring donations does not have a one-click method for changing the amount of a donation. But, it can be done with just a few clicks. Please follow the steps below to change the amount of your monthly gift. We appreciate you taking a few moments for this simple procedure. Thank you again for your ongoing support!


How to increase your recurring contribution to 350 Madison

Because the system we use doesn’t allow a donor to change their donation amount directly, these steps will walk you through cancelling your current recurring donation and starting a new one at a different giving level.

1) Because you are already a sustaining member (thank you!), you should be receiving an electronic receipt from 350 Madison each month. Go to your e-mail inbox and find one of these receipt messages. The subject line should say “Your recurring contribution has been successfully processed.”

2) Open the message and find the link that says “Click here to update your credit card or cancel your recurring contribution.” Click on that link.

3) You will be taken to a page titled “350 Madison”, with the subtitle “Update Payment Information”. On the left hand side of the page there will be a box with the words “Cancel Future Contributions” at the bottom. Click on that link.

4) You will be asked to confirm your cancellation. Do so – and we hope you won’t stop there!

5) To start a new monthly contribution at a different giving level, go straight to 350 Madison’s donation form. (This link will open in a new tab, so you won’t lose these instructions.)

6) Re-enter your debit or credit card information (if it isn’t entered automatically) and choose your new giving level. Don’t forget to check the box that says “Make This Recurring Monthly”! Finish filling out the form and click “Contribute Now”.

7) Your account will be charged immediately for the amount of your new gift, and then again every month.

8) Give yourself a pat on the back for supporting this work!


Tar Sands

The Tar Sands Campaign is fighting Enbridge tar sands pipelines in Wisconsin. Our aims are to block expansion of Line 61 and to halt plans for an adjacent Line 66. We support efforts led by those most impacted, including tribes, landowners, and affected community members.


The Divestment Team works to convince institutions that investments in fossil fuels are not only ethically and fiscally irresponsible, but are literally wrecking the planet we call home—all for profit. We are currently focusing on the banks that provide funds for pipeline projects.

Community Energy

The Community Energy Campaign focuses on taking responsibility for our own fossil fuel use. We work to create and change policies that impact our energy use and nurture a culture of reducing energy use and using clean, renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Please help us fight to protect a livable world for you and your family! We appreciate your financial contribution of any size. Your support helps us to carry on our work. Thank you for giving!