Divest & Defund

The 350 Madison Divest & Defund Campaign has taken on various targets, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and local government, to banks, credit unions, and personal investments. We are currently focused on pressuring JPMorgan Chase to divest from the fossil fuel industry, and we hope you’ll join us!

JPMorgan Chase is the #1 funder of climate chaos,
and 350 Madison is one of the groups doing something about it!

When we bank with Chase, our hard-earned money goes to support oil pipelines. That’s because JPMorgan Chase gives loans to fossil fuel companies, like Enbridge. Without those loans, fossil fuel companies don’t have the cash to build their polluting projects. And where does the money for those loans come from? From our bank accounts.

JPMorgan Chase knows that its customers don’t support fossil fuels. That’s why they brand themselves as a “green bank.” But we’re not fooled by their lies, and we don’t have to help them give handouts to climate disrupters.  We can make a statement by taking our savings elsewhere.

Communities across the US are calling on Chase Bank to stop funding climate chaos. To take just one example, here’s a map of the locations of Chase actions on April 10, 2019:

Watch this short video of 350 Madison’s sit-in at a local Chase branch on November 9, 2019 (great Isthmus coverage here and read our letter to CEO Jamie Dimon here):

Join us and our allies in working for a just transition to a world fueled by 100% renewable energy! Email Seth Jensen or click here to get involved!