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To change everything, it takes everyone!

We’d love to have you join us in fighting for a livable planet! It will take every one of us, and there’s an important role to play, whatever your skills, whatever your interests, whatever amount of time you have.

Check out our current volunteer openings…

We have many volunteer needs and appreciate contributions at any level. You can check out whether 350 Madison is right for you by attending our monthly meetings or getting in touch with one of our teams. Below are some of our current volunteer openings. Check out a more complete list of volunteer opportunities here.

Help prepare for our upcoming Giving Tuesday fundraiser! Opportunities include developing the program and virtual silent auction, obtaining donations (e.g., handmade items, skill shares, gift cards), and preparing promotional materials.
We are looking for a volunteer to help with tasks such as providing email addresses to new folks, assisting in database management, and more.
Our Monthly Meeting team is looking for another person to assist in planning our virtual meetings, reach out to potential speakers, and help with all things monthly meeting–related. This position is a great way to learn more about 350 Madison and meet new people, despite current social distancing restrictions.

Meet our teams…

350 Madison relies on two types of teams to accomplish our mission. Campaign teams work on core advocacy goals, while operations teams support the campaigns. See something you’d be good at or something you’d like to learn how to do? Fill out this form to let us know your interests, and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how you can best contribute.


Campaign Teams

Tar Sands

The Tar Sands Campaign mobilizes people to oppose new oil pipelines in WI. Our current goal is to block Enbridge’s rerouting of Line 5 in the Lake Superior watershed. We support efforts led by those most impacted, including tribes, landowners, and community members.

Contact: Phyllis Hasbrouck,

Divest & Defund

The Divest & Defund Team works to convince institutions that investments in fossil fuels are not only ethically and fiscally irresponsible, but are literally wrecking the planet we call home—all for profit. We are currently focusing on banks that fund pipeline projects.

Contact: Seth Jensen,

Community Climate Solutions

Community Climate Solutions focuses on making change across Dane County, at both systems and individual levels. One campaign seeks to help local governments implement urgently needed climate solutions. Another collaborates with other local groups to increase climate action and awareness.

Contact:  Susan Millar,; Kermit Hovey,; Julia DePalma,

Operations Teams

Communication Action

The Communication Action Team (CAT) provides communication support to the campaigns. CAT services encompass website and social media, press releases, letters to the editor and op-eds, radio spots, email blasts, and photography and video. CAT especially needs new members with expertise in video and graphics arts.

Contact: Emily Park,


The Fundraising Team devises and implements strategies for meeting annual fundraising goals through special events, grant writing, crowd funding, donor drives, and merchandise development and sales.

Contact: Gail Nordheim,

Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting Team plans and implements 350 Madison’s monthly public meetings by identifying speakers, coordinating announcements and agenda, and handling setup and break-down. The team especially need new members with experience operating AV equipment.

Contact: Julia Isaacs,; Kelly Kearns,


Thank you for your interest—and for everything you do!