350 Madison 350 Madison, September 12, 2017
By Harry Bennett, 350 Madison

Bicycles produce no greenhouse gas emissions!

I have been convinced for years of the viability of bicycle transportation and its possibilities of being one of the simplest and most elegant strategies to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. In 2008 I started keeping close track of my bicycle riding miles, as opposed to automobile travel, and how many days I could refrain from automobile use. I also keep track of how many days a year I ride a bike.

Until May of 2011, when we moved to Madison, we lived on a farm in rural Kansas. Bicycle use was much more challenging there, since a lot of travel was on unimproved gravel roadways, and there was a complete absence of dedicated bike paths or lanes. The lower automobile miles after moving to Madison is a direct reflection on how an urban environment with a bicycle-friendly slant has made it possible for me to pare down automobile use to mostly long trips out of town. Below is the record so far.


Year “No Drive Days” “Bike Ride Days” Bike Miles Car Miles
2008 222 347 5,289.20 17,216
2009 216 327 4,879.07 19,238
2010 212 350 5,977.28 18,168
2011 256 347 6,605.08 11,193
2012 267 351 7,594.72 7,761
2013 271 352 7,199.98 10,936
2014 296 360 7,630.68 9,300
2015 255 351 9,197.80 10,505
2016 203 366 8,228.20 9,766
Totals 2,198 3,151 62,602.01 114,083
9-Year Average 244 350 6,955.78 12,676

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