Tar Sands Campaign

The Tar Sands Campaign is fighting Enbridge tar sands pipelines in Wisconsin. Our aims are to block expansion of Line 61 and to halt plans for an adjacent Line 66. We support efforts led by those most impacted, including tribes, landowners, and affected community members.

Divestment Campaign

2016 was the hottest year on record. The Divestment Team focuses on convincing institutions that investments in fossil fuel are not only ethically and fiscally irresponsible, but are literally wrecking the planet we call home—all for profit. Banks are our current focus since without their support, dirty pipeline projects can't get funded.

Community Energy Campaign

The Community Energy Team is focused on taking action on and responsibility for our own fossil fuel use. We work to create and change policies that impact our energy use and nurture a culture of reducing energy use and using clean, renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Support Us!

Please help us fight to protect a livable world for you and your family! We appreciate your financial contribution of any size. Your support helps us to carry on our work. Thank you for giving!

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Meet the Candidates: Jeff Rumbaugh

By Janette Rosenbaum, 350 Madison     In November 2018, Wisconsinites will vote for a governor. This post is the first in a series on the environmental views of the candidates. This series is for information only. 350 Madison does not officially support any candidate.   What are the most important issues that you would (More...)

Climate Change Contributes to Dangerous Weather

By Janette Rosenbaum, 350 Madison     2017 was the second-hottest year ever measured on our planet, but it ended with a record-breaking cold snap across much of the United States. At least three deaths in Madison in the closing days of the year were attributed to the dangerously frigid weather. Some use the occurrence (More...)

Donate now to fight climate change!

Every day we see more evidence of the destructive impact of climate change: record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels, severe hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, melting glaciers. We must act now to fight climate change; there is no time to wait! Will you make a donation today to support 350 Madison? 350 Madison needs your financial support to (More...)

The Fight Is Not Over

By Peter Anderson, 350 Madison     After a 3-year-long fight, the Enbridge pipeline company received its final permit from Dane County for its Waterloo pumping station in the town of Medina on Thursday. This doesn’t mean the fight is over. As far as 350 Madison is concerned, Enbridge and its infrastructure remain in the (More...)

Tar Sands

Good Bike Infrastructure Is a Simple Way to Reduce Emissions

By Harry Bennett, 350 Madison I have been convinced for years of the viability of bicycle transportation and its possibilities of being one of the simplest and most elegant strategies to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. In 2008 I started keeping close track of my bicycle riding miles, as opposed to automobile travel, and how (More...)

Community Energy

We Can All Be Climate Activists, No Matter Where We Live

By Janette Rosenbaum, 350 Madison     Environmental activists are often criticized for driving, flying, being on the grid, or otherwise engaging in less than saintly behavior, environmentally speaking. Our failure to live a zero-carbon lifestyle is used as evidence that we’re not seriously committed to ending the use of fossil fuels. In reality, activists (More...)

Community Energy

Landowners vs. Enbridge, Take Two (Landowners Win!)

By Elizabeth Ward, Sierra Club, Wisconsin Safe Energy (WiSE) Alliance   Two weeks ago, Enbridge worked behind the scenes to get a resolution opposing eminent domain for private gain for oil pipelines tabled within a committee of the Wood County Board of Supervisors. Landowners in Marshfield got together to strategize and organize and attended the (More...)

Tar Sands

530+350 = 0? According to Enbridge…

By WiSE Alliance   Enbridge regularly puts out an Investor Presentation to let their current and potential investors know what they are planning and working on. For those trying to decipher what Enbridge’s plans are, it is also the best plan to learn what projects Enbridge sees in their future. In June, Enbridge released an (More...)

Tar Sands

MGE Could Lead in Cutting Transportation Emissions

By Beth Esser, 350 Madison | co-founder, MGE Shareholders for Clean Energy     I was raised on coal. My dad worked at a coal power plant for 28 years. This physically demanding job was not easy, but it was a good union job and it helped provide my parents the ability to raise four daughters. (More...)

Community Energy

Spring Updates From Our Children’s Trust

In December, we published a post on the effort to persuade then-President Obama to settle Juliana v. United States in the waning days of his presidency. This lawsuit—filed in 2015 by 21 young plaintiffs ages 8–19, joined by Dr. James Hansen—claims the federal government has violated the young plaintiffs’ “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and (More...)